I'm in 7th grade and I'm going to move to some where else and I really hate leaving my old friends.?
2007-03-19 17:01:50 UTC
the reason why I hate it is that I suck at making new friends and I have troble speaking to people that i don't know at all(my voice just gets really small and I say things and they don't mack sense at all)
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2007-03-19 17:14:06 UTC
I know it seems like it's going to be really hard, and it might at first, but keep an open mind. When my parents got divorced and we moved I was in the middle of 6th grade. I was very VERY shy, and I hated talking to new people. It took me a long time, and I really had to force myself, but eventually I got better at talking to people..... that was a good thing, because we moved again at the start of 9th grade and again at the start of 10th grade! By the time I started 11th grade I was getting pretty good and talking to people, and now I can start up a conversation with a total stranger in line at Target just to kill time!

It will seem hard at first, but I can promise you that if you work at it you will see yourself changing and growing in ways that you never would have if you hadn't moved. I know it's hard to believe now, but the skills you will be forced to build will be very useful later in life.

Just relax and take a deep breath and take that first step. "HI" is a little word, but sometimes it's all it takes to start a friendship!
2007-03-20 00:13:28 UTC
the best way to make friends while moving is to join a group or take lessons in something. i know i moved a lot and the easiest way i made friends was from Dance and softball. I also sang in the choir. You dont have to worry about what to say because you already know you have something in common with them!

good luck and dont be too hard on yourself! I bet you are a great friend to have
2007-03-20 00:23:27 UTC
it happens-but ur just gonna have to bare with it. make sure u have some way to contact ur friends (address, phone #, name of course, etc.....). when you go to ur new school, just find someone who u think could b trustworthy and u no will have a great year with.Just a simple "Hi, i'm ________ (insert name here) and i just moved here. can you show me around?" most likely u will no their name, no around the school and maybe at the end of the day say, "i had a great time today, you want to hang out again tomorrow?" hopefully theyll say yes. u just made a new friend! (only if all my hopes come true!). good luck!
2007-03-20 01:31:05 UTC
Try your best to make new friends, but don't feel like you have to totally give up on your old ones. Perhaps your parents will let you make an occasional phone call, or maybe you can email or chat on the internet with your parent's approval and supervision with them. Good luck.
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2007-03-20 00:16:23 UTC
A lot of people suck at making new friends. Call the guidance counselor, and tell him/her that you are a new student moving to the new area, and see what activities they recommend for you to get involved in, when you get there.

You aren't the only kid that has had to move to a new city. They will know what to tell you to do.

You'll be cool and fine!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-03-20 00:38:37 UTC
I had the same problem when i went to high school.

It was in another town and i didn't know a single person in my year, and i'm not the most outgoing person in the world.

try --

-taking the first step. have the initiative to smile and say hi.

-going a club or group at school. maybe you like art or music?

-ask questions about them, give a compliment

try looking at

Good luck!

Yay me!!!!
2007-03-20 00:16:57 UTC
I'm sorry. When you go to your next school, the right people will just come to you, but to move the process along, you culd be more outgoing, and not care what other people think.
2007-03-20 00:07:17 UTC
I know it's all but make arrage ments so you could see them ecery weekend or just call them

hang in there
2007-03-20 00:11:26 UTC
almost everyone goes through moving away and leaving their friends behind...well you did make friends so it's won't be so hard to do that again...don't worry...
2007-03-20 00:20:17 UTC
well try harder u can do it if u try ! making new friends are easy but remember, you must always approach them if they dont approach u well good luck

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